IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Animals

Animals are the part of our lives, whether we believe it or not. The food chain, the food webs and the ecosystem, they all make what we call our life. In this IELTS speaking section, we are looking at some of the questions related to animals asked in a recent IELTS exam.

Which animal do you find interesting?

There are many wild and pet animals to choose from but I find monkeys the most interesting. They are the hoppers, the go-getters, the friends. It is so easy to see them laughing with their friends or helping each other. Not only that, science predicts them to be closer to human species which makes them interesting to me.

What is your opinion about animals being kept in prison?

Keeping animals in captivity is one of the most horrendous of crimes humans do, in my opinion. We have become more greedy and selfish than ever before. For fulfilling our needs, we have taken away the habitats of animals forcing them into prisons. I have been to zoo few times and seen some of them depressed with their lifestyle.

Do you think government can do something about animals being kept in prison?

With the increasing human population and the human demands, freeing animals is not the most pragmatic thing to accept from our governments. But, I believe that animals should be kept in places closer to their habitats or similar to their habitat. Also, for animals on verge of extinction, special care must be taken.

How do you think government can protect animals from poachers, hunters, and people who kill animals for prey?

The government has to change their perspective from laws for people who kill towards how to protect. For instance, the security system must be tightened around the endangered species. Also, education can be used to impart the knowledge about different species. There can even be ad campaigns showing the different species and why they are important. Like, there are ads for smoking and cancer, so should be there for the safety of animals.

What is your opinion for using animals as beasts of burden?

I would choose the grey color. One cannot deny that we do need animals for carrying our burden sometimes, like donkeys for carrying good or horses for traveling or ox for pulling carts. But, the problem is when we overdo it. Making a donkey bare a load more than he can carry or not give enough food is something that must be refrained from. Also, with the advancement in technology, one can obviously look for the other alternatives.

Do you think that the relationship between animals and humans is changing or is likely to change in future?

Times are definitely evolving and things and relationships around us are changing, including the one between humans and animals. In the fast-paced life that we now live, no one has the time left to have a pet or take care of animals around! In earlier days, people ensure they had water and food on their rooftops for the animals and gave away food the street dogs. Although in towns still there is a connection between animals and humans, in cities it is slowing fading away.




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