IELTS Speaking Sample Answers # Finding Love

Love is not something that you find, it is something that finds you. Most of the movies all around world, are made romantic. There are millions of songs out there that depict love and love has been the subject for poets for a very long time. Let us today have a look at some of the questions about finding love and understanding it.

Do you believe that love can be understood by looking at the brain and chemicals?

I am not very sure about the relation between love and science. Surely, science can bring out some facts related to love but for the normal person to stick to it and understand them or for say, applying them before falling in love, is not something possible. Love is more of what happens when brain is deactivated and heart takes the major role.

How is attraction different than love?

Attraction is very specific, so there are things that one likes about the other person, for say, may be the individuality or personality or the physical appearance. But, when one gets to know the negative side of the person, it is not the attraction but the love that allows one to accept the other. If the relation is based only out of attraction, on knowing the other completely it is more likely to fall, but when it comes to love, one person tends to accept the other beyond the positives and negatives.

Why do you think some people fall out of love?

I think the reason most people fall out of love, is because it is a very tiring thing to do. One has to forget himself or herself when they fall in love. And love is not just about loving other individual, it is also about loving things or work. And often love gets tough.

What is the most romantic movie you know?

I love watching romantic movies and from all of the ones that I have seen I would say, my favorite would be, “Lot like love”.There is something about this movie that appeals to me. The fact that it is all destined and we will surely meet our perfect soul mates some or the other day and no matter how much we try to escape from love, love finds you and hits you and life is all beautiful after that.

In public, how much affection is too much?

In my opinion it depends on the kind of society we are living in. For example, if some one stays in a western country there is obviously much more freedom as compared to the eastern countries. But, I also believe that if one can go to an extent of blasting a city to express hatred, there shouldn’t be any limits on expressing love.

How is showing love different now from in the past?

The medium has surely changed. Whereas earlier one could find love birds giving letters or meeting each other hiding from the world, these days, with technology coming in, you can find more of showing love through messages or emails. With time constraints, instead of meeting people, one prefers sending gifts to their loved ones. Surely, it does not mean that now people don’t express love, they do, but with the competition increasing, I suppose it surely has taken the back seat.

In all cultures there are famous love stories (i.e. Romeo and Juliet). What is a famous love story in your country?

Our country had its, “Mumtaz and Shahjahan” to showcase what love is. They both got married and when Mumtaz died, Shahjahan created a monument in remembrance of her. The monument that the world knows as “Taj Mahal”.

When you see a couple, how do you know they are in love?

You can judge it by the way they look at each other, talk to each other or fight with each other. I think it is only people who are in love can fight with each other and still come back to each other,always. There is so much positive air in the way two people in love fight. They don’t want to bring the other person down, just want to speak their hearts out, to each other.  There is a sense of ownership in both which is amazing and visible.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I am not sure of love at first sight, but I think it is more like, someone just strikes, for the reasons unknown and you just feel like getting to know the other person more and more. At the first sight, saying that one has fallen in love and can do anything for the other, is not something I would agree to, but yes, it surely give the initial start to knowing each other.

What do you think of valentine’s day?

In my opinion, it is a great day to remind everyone that no matter what we are doing, the most important thing in our life is love and that we need to show our love to the people who matter the most. Because some how in this busy life we often forget to express love.

Why are most songs about love?

I think because it is one of the most powerful expression. People feel too much when they are in love, their entire senses, from brain to heart start working so well, we start seeing things in such a different way, that I think it makes complete sense to talk and sing so much about love.


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