IELTS Speaking sample answer about Wedding

IELTS Speaking Question 1: Have you ever been to a wedding?

Answer A: Yes! Being a social person, I love attending functions. I have been to many weddings of my relatives and close friends.

Answer B: Frankly speaking, I didn’t get the privilege to attend a wedding ceremony. Due to the hectic schedule of my job, I am not able to deliver certain responsibilities. So, my family attends functions on my behalf. But, in the future, I would surely like to be a part of a grand marriage ceremony.


IELTS Speaking question 2: What clothes do people wear?

Answer A: Well, the dressing style in marriage functions is very different from casual dressing. Both men and women prefer to wear ethnic outfits which are vibrant and colorful.

Answer B: I think wedding functions are not only joyful but they also provide the opportunity to dress up and show up the style. From formal suits to Sherwani, all love to dress up in a pure traditional way. Even small kids can be seen in ethnic costumes.

IELTS Speaking question 3: Describe the wedding ceremony?

Answer : A couple of weeks ago, I attended a wedding with my parents. That was a very simple wedding held at a famous Sikh temple in my hometown. The guests from both, bride as well as groom’s side, were there. A special lunch was organized for the guests in the temple. After lunch all guests assembled in the main hall where the holy book “Shri Gurugranth Sahib” was kept. The bride and groom, who were looking gorgeous, gently walked around the sacred book four times. All the guests congratulated the couple and posed for the photographs. All of us returned home after the ceremony.

IELTS Speaking question 4: What sort of gifts do people buy for the bridal couple?

Answer A: I have seen people buying gifts as a token of affection for the bridal couple. This is the best possible way to congratulate them for their auspicious future. Some people buy jewellery or clothes, some of them give paintings or honeymoon ticket to the newly-wed couple. People even buy electric appliances for the couple. The bride’s family may give a two- wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle to the couple or furniture is also a viable option.

IELTS Speaking question 5: What is the most common tradition of wedding in your country?

Answer A: Well, India being a land of diversity and home of many civilizations of numerous ethnic groups, has a fascinating assortment of cultural wedding traditions. There are Hindu marriages, Christian marriages, Muslim weddings and many more. In Hindu weddings, the most common tradition is that bride and groom gently walk around the sacred fire seven times. After that the couple promises to stay together in thick and thin.



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