IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Trains

Trains are a very common medium of transportation, and although it might be possible that you never took one, it is very likely that you know something about it. Now, let us have a look at some of the questions related to train that might be asked in the IELTS speaking section.

Do you like to travel by train?

Yes, I quite like them. Travelling is way much relaxing on train, one can rather sit or sleep or use laptop or gaze out of window. Even more it is faster and sometimes a person can reach to a far off place in may be one night.


Travelling is always fun and with trains, the excitement goes a level higher, especially the sleeper coach. With the conundrum of stations, the noise of people moving and the freedom to do almost anything makes train journeys best for me. One can move around, talk to friends, make strangers as friends or even just gaze out to the moving world.

Where do you usually go by train?

A) I would say everywhere. I am a travel host, so wherever the location or next destination is I prefer going by train. Train, actually give an idea of how geographic location change, can bring about change in the lives of people.

B) It is usually on long trips that I prefer taking train. For smaller trips, around where I live or work, it is much more easier to go by bus or drive by myself.


Train is the best way to travel the shorter distances, not only is it cheap, it is fast and even safe. So, whenever I have to travel to the nearby places around my city, I prefer taking a train.

When was the last time you traveled by train?

I remember, travelling to Bangalore for covering the Silicon Valley Of India. We were a team of ten people and going by that train was fantastic. We were in the sleeper class, so we could interact with as many people as we wanted to and we did. Moreover, it was like a complete transition, because we took off the train from Delhi. So, when we started reaching Bangalore,we could actually see the difference. It was really fun.


I am currently working with a MNC of my country and my office is near to my hometown. I visited my place last week on train. Otherwise as well, to travel around my house, I usually commute using train.



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