IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Shopping

Shopping is when you go out to buy something for yourself or for others. Often, termed as something that women prefer more than men, shopping has also been regarded as a stress buster by many psychologist. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to shopping.

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?

I love buying clothes from the local market. I think there is so much more fun when you are out with your friends and try to find out the best and yet the cheapest cloth to wear. However, with time becoming more of a scarcity, we mostly go to branded showrooms where we can easily find clothes and be assured of the quality.

What products do you prefer to shop online for?

I prefer buying books online because they are available at a far more cheaper price than when one buys them offline. Also, it is lot more easier to buy books online than offline because there is no hassle of finding that book. If you know the book, all you need to do is type the name of the book and buy it.

What products do you prefer to shop in stores for?

I like buying clothes offline, in stores. Buying offline is better because you can actually feel the quality of the cloth before buying it and also how one looks in them. Also, it is much more easier to match the clothes and buy a set of items together, along with accessories.

How do you feel about sales people following you and helping you when you shop?

Sometimes it is good, because I really don’t understand what to buy and there help makes it lot more easier to buy things, but sometimes it even becomes quite irritating. Because, often when I go to shopping I prefer some quite time to look at the clothes and then pick them up. There is so much that is going on in the head and then that hindrance, becomes annoying.


What makes a pleasant shopping experience?

For me, to be able to just hang out with my friends and laugh off at the weird clothes that we choose makes shopping a pleasant experience. When we go out together to shop, we often start off with wearing those weird clothes or matching those clothes together to laugh off at each other.

How do you feel about shopping at department stores or malls?

It is fine to shop at department stores because then there are so many options that you can directly look at and choose from. One can just get so many things in a mall, from clothes to cookery to shoes to parlor. All, you need to do is step inside the mall and get whatever you want.

What is your favorite eCommerce site? Why?

My favorite eCommerce site has to be flipkart because for online, I mostly prefer buying books and this site offers great deals on books. Also, there return policy is quite good making it easier to return and enjoy the book if one likes it.

Do you know anyone who is addicted to shopping?

I made a friend during my stint as a blogger in a company. She was so very addicted to shopping, that every weekend she would go out and buy something for herself or for her family or friends. It could be something that is very small or something very big. Most of the times she would buy moderate costing things, but the joy that she had while shopping and then sharing her stories of how she found a particular thing was amazing.

Are you addicted to shopping?

No, not really. I tend to buy things only when they are required.

Have you ever bought any counterfeit products like fake designer bags, clothing, or jewelry?

Yes, I have bought them very many times. Not for bags, but yes for clothing and jewelry, I have got artificial or fake products. I think it is cheap and you can buy lot of jewelry allowing you to match them with your clothes. It can make even the same clothes look different.

Do you enjoy shopping for other people?

I enjoy shopping for people I know. Because I know what they like and giving them gifts with a feel of what they like makes it great. But, for the ones that I don’t know I don’t prefer very much. There is always a doubt that they might not love the gift or may be they don’t find it useful.

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