IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Secret

Secret, are the words or things that people keep to themselves. They tend to hide from everyone to ensure that it does not harm themselves or others. We all have so many secrets, the secrets that no one knows or may be only  the selective people of our lives are aware of. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to secrets.

Do you like knowing and finding out secrets? Why?

No, I am not so very interested in finding out the secrets of other people lives. I believe that if a person thinks they can share there secrets with me, it is great, but forcing someone to share their lives with me, is not something I look very much forward to.

Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?

Yes, I think I pretty good at keeping secrets. Mostly, because once I have heard a secret I tend to forget it as soon as possible. Because, if the secret keeps bothering me it is more likely that I will spill the beans, either to someone or in my diary making it susceptible. So, I hear the secrets and tend to remember them  only when the person talks about them again.

Should governments keep secrets from their people? Why or why not?

In my opinion, if it is for the larger good, than there should not be any problem in keeping secrets. So, for example, if the government finds out that a country is trying to attack us or may be cause harm in other way, warning is good, but telling the citizens entirely of the situation, can cause trouble  because they may start fearing.


What kinds of secrets do you think your government has?

Governments, I think have more secrets related to the weapons that the other countries have, or the plans that they are working out for a solution or to fight or create relations with other countries. A government knows more about the world affairs, the insiders, the reasons for the things happening around the globe.

What is something that lots of people dislike but you secretly love?

Fighting is one thing most people don’t like, but I tend to love it. I love it when two people argue over things, because I believe that it is always good to argue and fight out the solution, rather than just adjusting and bottling things up.

Should husbands and wives keep secrets from each other?

I believe yes. No matter we decide to share our livelihoods with each other, at the end of the day, we all are individuals with so much that we owe to oneself. Surely there are things that we should share with our partners but then there are so many things that we should keep to ourselves. For example, the details of the previous relations might not go out well with our partners and effect the present relation.

Should parents keep secrets from their children? If yes, what kind of secrets?

There is no harm in keeping secrets from children. Most of the parents do keep secrets from their children related to the problems they are facing. Like, a parent might have to face difficulty in giving their child education, sharing these issues might bring out pressure in the lives of children. Or, the family troubles. We all have family troubles and bringing our children into it, can create rift among children, almost snatching their childhood.


Do you know any secrets about celebrities?

I have never met any celebrity, so I don’t have so much of knowledge on that. But, I do know the little here and there from the newspapers that I read. Like, Alia Bhatt once said she is scared of flights and darkness and then there is Anurag Basu and Kalki who told that they were abused as children.

What kinds of secrets are dangerous?

There are so many of secrets that could turn out to be really dangerous. Like the documents of a country. If an army official or other  government employee chooses to disclose them to some other country, there are more chances of economy going down or may be some sort of war. Also, secrets involving more than one person could be dangerous. Because, it not only affects one life but rather so many.