IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Media Impact

Media plays a very important role in our lives, in today’s world. There is so much that is happening in the world and we can get to know exactly what we want to, in a fraction of second. From newspapers, to television and now internet, media has made our lives easier and at the same time difficult. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to media.

Where do most people in your country get their news?

Newspapers and television are the most common media for getting news. People who seriously like to know what is going on in the world tend to go for these sources. However, presently, social media also has come in fore front in sharing the news. One can now find, post being done on social media sites. These post can be made either by the news channels or individuals.
Does the media in your country report the whole truth, mostly truth, or mostly lies?

I think for the most part it tries to portray the truth to the citizens but the problem is that the media also does not knows the entire truth and they show the only view of the entire story making it look like lie. But, then there are even times when in my opinion, media tends to make up stories just to gain TRP rating and earn money.
How has the internet changed the news in your country?

Definitely yes, internet has surely brought about a big change in the news sector of our country. Unlike earlier, when only certain section of time was allocated for the news, with internet everyone can get to know the news in just a click, making it difficult to make news and in the rush of making news, news channels and websites tend to put more of made up stories.
Who has the most control over the media in your country?

Media is a free entity in our country, with no one to control them. However, it is often said that media gets indirectly influenced by foreigners, especially Americans. With the media, trying to imitate the style of English men, we are more likely to loose our individuality.


How does the media help create a healthy society?

Media is a powerful thing. Be it creating awareness or showing things as they are, media tends to make an impact on people. We are more likely to get affected by a video about rape than someone telling the issues. It is with the help of media that people can be told about the issues that the country is facing and explaining how they can be solved. With media, a broader group can be touched upon.
Should the media just report the facts or should the media interpret the facts?

I think it should just report the facts, because that is what it is meant for. Telling stories happening as they are. It should then leave upon the individuals to interpret things, because every person has their own point of view and forcing an opinion might take away the different ways in which a problem can be seen/
Can you think of a politician who used the media in a successful way?

Our country has a live example of our current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who used media to get in touch with the people of our country. It was through his numerous talk shows that he did, and the speeches he gave that people started realizing his potential and got to know his plans. Even after winning the elections, he has made sure that he is in touch with the country men through various social media platforms.
Should the media show graphic violence? Why or why not?

I think graphic violence should not be shown in  media because it creates a lot of negativity in the air. Showing violence 24/7 can affect the way people think, bringing in the feelings of violence home. Also, it has been observed, that people who see violence more are more likely to be violent.
What is the most fair and balanced media outlet in your country?

Our country has many media outlets, but the few that I have written, I think “The Hindu” is one of the most fair and balanced media outlet. It tries to cover the news of entire nation showing only the details of big happenings in the country as well as internationally. Once you read the Hindu, you get to know about everything important happening in the world. Every word written on the newspaper is important.


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