IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Math

Today let us have a look at some of the questions related to math and their possible answers.

Are you good at math?

I would say, I am at an intermediate level. So, I know things but I am not very proficient at it.

No, I am not very good at Math. It is one of those subjects that truly scares me of but in recent times I have started working on it and by now I am able to do the basic things right.

Did you like mathematics when you were at school?

I loved math when I was at school. I remember I used to be the one child who used to do the math questions very fast. It was real fun and for me math was like a game, I enjoyed playing.

When at schoo, I really didn’t liked math. It was that one subject that scared me a lot. For some reasons, I could not understand the basic concepts. It was only in later years that I started understanding and began to develop a taste for it.

What was your teacher like in school?

My math teacher was really nice. She used to help everyone, starting from the ones who almost knew it all to the ones who couln’t barely move a pen. She belived that math is something that will come only by practice and we need to practice as much as possible to ensure we get a good hold of the subject.

I belive that the fear I had for math was partially because of the different teachers that taught me. I clearly remember, she used to teach us a few basics and then ask us to do the sums on our own. If we found any issues in any sum, she would simply scold. But the teacher that I got during my final years, was really nice. She would not only help us with sums but make sure we understand the concepts well.

What did you learn in math?

Starting with algebra, we learnt geometry, set concepts, trignometry and the other practical applications of math like Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time and work etc.

Did you use calculator when doing math?

We were not allowed to use calculator during the initial days of our school, i.e. till I was in High School but when we reached our Intermediate schools, we were provided with calculator.

Calculators were not provided to us during our school days. It was only when I opted for math in my college years that I was provided with calculator.

Do you think math is an important subject for students to learn?

I think definitely yes. It teaches students the logic required to solve the everyday problems. It opens up the logical thinking of the human brain and I think no matter you don’t require it directly, it is always necessary for better understanding of our lives.


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