IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Learning

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer Learning

Learning is a continuous process and to be able to be able to succeed in your life, it is very important that you are involved in continuous learning process. Let us have a look at some of the questions related to learning and possible answers.

What is the most important skill nowadays?

Computers have revolutionized the way the world operates and have become an inevitable part of our lives. One can find them everywhere and there use has become very important. So, I think computers, is that one skill that has really become very important. Also, with the coming of internet, more and more people tend to pay bills and book tickets and do the others things online.

Are there any traditional skills in your country?

Most of the people in our country are well versed in sewing and weaving. In my childhood, I remember wearing sweaters weaved by my grand mother and mother. Also, one can find many people employed in the business of sewing. People, in my country tend to get the clothes stitched by tailor and even there are many who wear clothes sewed by them.




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