IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Language Studies

Well, you are giving an English test, so it is very obvious that you know its language. Let us today, have a look at some of the possible questions that you might be asked related to language and IELTS.

What languages can you speak?

I can speak English and Hindi with Hindi being my mother tounge.

Why are you taking the IELTS exam?

I am a writer and want to enhance my knowledge about English literature and writing particularly. I am taking the IELTS exam to study English and its literature in an English speaking country.

Do you have any plans after you take the IELTS exam?

Oh sure ! I do have. After I have successfully taken the IELTS exam, I would like to get admission into one of Ivy league colleges to study English Literature or may be something related to writing or travelling.

How long have you been learning English?

I have studied in an English medium school since my childhood. So, I guess it has been now 18 years that I have learnt and read English.

I have studied in a regional school where the books were in regional language. But, English was still taught to us. So, technically I have been learning English for past 18 years but the thorough understanding of English has come to me only while preparing for IELTS.

Why is it important for you to learn English?
I think not only me but English has surely become an important language for communication. With globalization taking place at such an incredible speed, to be able to interact with others, English has become an essential language. In my case, I am a blogger. So, I want more and more people to be able to understand what I am trying to tell. For that reason, English is the only language that helps.

language studies0101

Do you like learning languages?

Yes, I do. Whenever I go to new place, I try to learn the regional language of that place. It makes staying there lot more easier and cheaper. Because, when you know the language it is easy to bargain while travelling. Also, to better understand the culture of the place, one needs to interact with the local people, the uneducated ones, and for that it is important to know the regional language.

Yes, I do like learning new language. I love English as a second language and have been practicing on it. Also, apart from English, I have started learning French as very soon I will be going to one of the french country to pursue by higher studies.

How did you learn the languages that you know?

Well, most of the languages that I know, I learnt them on google or by interacting with people. So, for example, I would go out and make friends and then ask them to teach me. Interacting with them more often, made me speak their language. We would dance to the same songs, sing regional songs, watch regional movies and that is how learn the language.

I think the best way to learn a language is through interaction with a native speaker. By doing this, one can improve their oral as well listening skills. Apart from this, I also read the regional language in my spare time.

Why do people learn more than one language?

Learning more than one language widens the horizon of a person. So, a person can interact with more kind of people, because for some reasons, individuals are more happy and tend to share more when you interact with them in their regional language.ย It also helps a person to grow intellectually.

I think people learn more and more language because language is a necessary tool to interact with foreign people and learn their culture. Understanding many languages, opens doors for many opportunities in the world.

Do you think that all children should learn foreign language at school?

I think learning learning a new/foreign language is important for a student, only if they learn how to use it properly. A new language activates those areas of the brain of a child, that help them to think more logically and creatively in future lives. Also, it brings in the attitude that no matter how foreign a thing, a child can do it.

Yes, I think because children are more fast at learning things and learning a new language at an earlier age is lot more e





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