IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Birthdays

Birthdays are something everyone has and every one knows about. So, it is quite obvious that you might be asked about them. Let us today look at some of the questions and their possible answers.

Do you enjoy birthdays?

Yes, I do love them. There is so much fun associated with birthdays. You meet people, friends, play, put cakes and then sing birthday songs. We dance and sing and so much more. It is like we become kids once again.

I do enjoyย  birthdays. Birthdays bring along with them so much positivity and a feeling of freshness. It seems as if it is another chance to be someone else, someone better. You meet friends, enjoy with them, laugh at the silly things done and plan for the great future ahead.

Do you usually celebrate your birthdays?

Yes, I do. Although it is not very huge party but I make sure that there is a party and that I have all my near and dear ones surrounding me during my birthday.

I usually am not a very big birthday fan. I think there should not be any reason to celebrate life and oneself.ย I am one of those who would give myself or any one else gifts out of the box with no reasons and at any time of the year.


What did you do on your last birthday?

My last birthday, I would say was a very normal one. I went out with my close friends to a near by beach and had lots of fun there. Coming back I enjoyed quality time with my parents.

Can you remember a birthday that you enjoyed as a child?

I still remember my 13th birthday. It started out with no plan and we decided to just have fun within my family members but as it turned out to be, people started coming just like that, some saw my father getting cake and others simply wanted to wish me. It was a surprise of its own kind and we had almost 50 people in the house. It was real fun, meeting people and then opening the gifts.

Do most people celebrate their birthdays with a party in your country?

Yes. No matter a person is rich or poor, there surely is some kind of party going on during a birthday. There are people who are very extravagant and don’t think twice before spending on their birthdays while some make budgets to make sure there is a good party on birthday. Birthdays in my country are often taken as something that brings lot of people together.





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