IELTS Speaking: Part 3 questions for an achievement you are proud of

IELTS Speaking: Part 3 questions for an achievement you are proud of

Describe an achievement you are proud of is a popular cue card topic. In this post, we will look at some discussion questions related to this topic. These questions will be asked in the third part of the speaking test.
Q. 1: What qualities are needed to become successful?
Answer: There are several attributes which are essential for achieving success in life. In my opinion, the most important ones are willpower, perseverance, self-reliance, patience and integrity. If we have a goal and we don’t vacillate or procrastinate, then with these traits we can fulfill our dreams.
Q. 2: Some get a head start in life, while others don’t. What are your views on this?
Answer: Getting a head start in career can make a significant difference in one’s personal as well as professional life. Let’s take an example. If a young graduate joins the army as a high ranked officer, then his future prospects will definitely be better than that of a soldier. But, I wouldn’t say that a soldier can’t become an officer. It’s just a matter of time and hard work. In short, we should never lose our hope in life. We should try to do our best in all kinds of circumstances.
Q. 3: What would society be like if there were no businesses?
Answer: Businesses have played a pivotal role in the development of the world and civilizations. All business sectors, right from food, transport, education, healthcare, communication, banking to space research have deeply impacted our life. They have transformed the way we live and work. The absence of businesses will dramatically affect the quality of life we enjoy. I believe that the standard of life will drop considerably. Even, our survival could be difficult.
Q. 4: How life would be like if no one worked at all?
Answer: Work makes our life organised and meaningful. If all of us stopped working, chances are higher that life will become miserable. There will be no food, no cleanliness, no education and many other problems will pop up. What’s more, people will become irresponsible. I can’t even imagine the chaos that might arise under such circumstances.


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