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IELTS Band 7 Food

IELTS Speaking question 1: What are some of your favourite foods?

Answer A:  Well, the word food itself tickles our taste glands and in a country like India, we come across a variety of food. But I like home made food the most. Especially, the South Indian cuisine attracts me towards its mouth watering taste. I also love spicy Punjabi food.

Answer B: Like most of the people, I like street food. It is exciting as it uses loud and strong tastes to make an impact. It has no pretensions and therefore it hits the spot every time. Moreover, it can be prepared in minutes or requires a minimal assembly. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pizzas and Momos are some of the food which I like the most.


Speaking question 2: What foods are popular in your country?

Answer: In India people have a vast variety of tastes. But, overall, people prefer street foods. Such foods evoke strong reaction in the brain and in taste, therefore these are established as the best in our minds. Today, street foods like, Gol Gappa, Momos, Chowmein, etc. rule the roost. Moreover, its pricing makes it easy to access for all.


Speaking question 3: What are some of the famous dishes of your country?

Answer: In India, there are countless dishes which have crossed the border of respective states to cover the entire nation in its taste, In North India, people enjoy Parathas, Gol Gappa, Chhole Bhature, etc. If we head towards western part, we come across delicacies like Bhel Puri, Choorma and Fasan. Eastern states prefer Chinese food like, Momos, Chowmein etc. Southern part of the country witnesses a variety in taste and dishes like Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Toddy are the best examples.


Speaking question 4: Do you enjoy cooking?

Answer A: Yes, I enjoy cooking and am enthusiastic to perform experiments on different dishes. Sometimes, it comes out with a great new taste but many a times I have faced pathetic failures. But for me it’s a hobby so I love to cook and feed my friends and family.

Answer B: To be very honest, I don’t like cooking very much because I love the food cooked by my mother and being a foodie I am offered many cuisines at home. So, rather than going to the kitchen, it’s far more easy to be present in the dining hall.

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