IELTS Speaking Cue Card Sample Questions # Likely Job

Most of us choose a career path for ourselves and stick to it. However, there are others who work on one thing and end up doing the other. It is therefore correctly said that one’s education simply tells the education they had. It has nothing to do with the kind of job they will go for. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a job that the individual is likely to have.

Describe the job that you would most likely to have. You should say :

  • what the job would be
  • where you would work
  • which qualification you will need

also, explain why would you like to have that job.

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My graduation is in bachelors in Technology with IT as the major. Studying computers for four years,  most probably it will be an IT company that I go and join. There is a pool of IT companies in the present work environment, but I prefer coding and so most likely will be working with a product based company. The job profile is of a software developer and we would be working mostly on building products. Making either products or websites using different languages.

To be short listed for a job at an IT firm, a person needs to hold a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. But, apart from the kind of education they receive, the most important thing is the individual must have logical and critical reasoning power along with certain computer skills.To gain these skills, I have even signed up for an online python course to ensure that I do know things about python and use the language to build strong codes.

In terms of focussed companies, I am looking forward to placements at Flipkart because there is more of web development in there and my knowledge of Python and HTML may help them to create better UI designs.


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