IELTS Cue Card 2017 Questions # Decision

Often in life we make decisions, other times people make decisions for us. This time we are having a look at the recent IELTS speaking cue card that talks about a decision that the individual disagrees with.

Describe a decision that you disagreed with. You should say –

  • who made the decision
  • what was the decision for and who was impacted
  • did you express your opinion

Also, explain, what you believed should have been the decision.


An year back, when I was working for an organisation, I was part of an employee committee. So, all the grievances of the employees were taken by us to the HRs. I remember, a ultimatum was given out that all the employees will have to pay for the parking even though a proper parking was not available. This brought lot of rage in the employees and we felt that too. Because asking an employee to pay for the parking of his or her vehicle for the work of the company felt unfair.

We had a meeting soon with the HR and they gave their own justification and we gave ours. Ultimately, it was informed that such decision are often taken for the larger good and we must go with it. Although, I couldn’t do anything about it, I really felt it was  a wrong decision made on part of the company. Because decisions like these portray how less the big boss cares for the rest.

In my opinion, the company should have first built the parking and showed her employees the benefits and then could have probably asked for a minimal charge. Imposing a decision did not go well with employees creating sense of injustice among everyone.


As we grow up, we realise that there is nothing wrong. Only two rights and we have to choose the one for ourselves. One of my friend once took a decision of breaking up with a boy she loved for reasons that I felt were invalid. Everything was going fine one day when the boy stopped talking for no reasons at all. She tried asking him for the behaviour change but he never gave an answer.

However, after that they again patched up and went about being in a relationship for a month, before she finally decided to break up. I think the decision was wrong, because instead of understanding each other, they both decided to end a relationship. I believe it takes time to build bonds and when broken they leave scars. Ending up something beautiful without knowing the right answer was not what I felt should have been done.

It could be possible that the boy was going through some tough time and all he needed was some space. Surely he did not talked about it, but looking back I think it was their test of love, which they failed.


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