IELTS SAMPLE CUE CARD #Describe a shop that recently opened in your city/country.

Describe a shop that recently opened in your city/country.

You should say:

  • what its name is
  • where it is
  • who the typical customers are

And say if you have bought anything from the shop. Why/Why not?

Sample Answer :

A store for the nomadic souls named “The Hippie Travel” has opened near my place recently. The shop is a definition of creative insights and new age ideas. The shop provides varieties of travel accessories and on-road needs.

The shop is located in the city centre  and has one branch. Due to the location, it is a easily noticed and appreciated by the passer-by’s. The shop is in reach from every nook and corner and even the opening hours are very flexible. This is a great stop-by for the youngsters and provides a wide range to choose from. Interestingly, it sells products from around the world and at a great bargain price.

They have an amazing range of sleeping bags and tents with different colour options. They have quirky luggage tags and souvenirs too. The typical crowd is the adventurous souls and people who like going to vivid places. They frequently visit the shop and get themselves satisfied. The options are broad and thus there are plenty of chances to get the right product as per their requirements. Moreover, people who need any specific products and cannot find them also visit this shop. If they still fail to acquire their stuff, the shopkeeper provides them with the option of ordering them from suitable places. This is of a great importance to them.

Recently, I had to visit the shop for getting a new rucksack for my recent trip. In fact, one of my cousins has suggested the place to me. I was mesmerised when I entered the store. They had amazing size and colour choices and I could find exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this place to everyone. (282 words)


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