Cue Card Talk about a magazine or online article about healthy living

IELTS Cue Card Talk about a magazine or online article about healthy living

Talk about a magazine or online article about healthy living

You should say

  • Who writes the magazine/Article?
  • Where do you get this magazine/Article?
  • What the magazine/Article says about healthy living
  • And explain why you agree/ disagree with the message.

Cue Card Talk about a magazine or online article about healthy living

Sample Answer


Media has a pivotal role in shaping our worldview. Every single thing we know is through the spread of print, online sites and our school system. Our opinions are largely formed from these sources. In fact, some infamous marketing campaigns have been so successful in imparting their opinions that they have shaped unhealthy, illogical now unquestionably integral habits of our society.

Take the weekend magazine that comes attached to our morning newspaper for example. Every single Sunday I am barraged by articles on “Healthy Living!!”, “Newest Fads!!”, “New Study!!” claiming things from the absurd to the plain manipulative and wrong. When reading these articles, I wonder for the sanity of those less fortunate than I, for those less aware and more trusting, for those that take anything written as proof of its factuality.

These articles are written by mere journalists with no license, no qualification, to talk on the trends they seem to swear by. Fad diets are ruthlessly promoted, real health experts willingly misquoted. Studies that should not even be allowed to see the light of day get prime spots just because of their outrageous claims. Those studies that have a sample pool of 5 people followed over 3 days diets that apparently worked miracles get the glory of the cover page. It makes me furious.

The magazine promotes itself as a health capsule and does in fact the devil’s bidding. Promoting processed food one day, Vitamin supplements the next, and organic companies the week after. It’s a blatant advertisement for companies bidding for the best article spots. Absolutely revolting, that people would even fall for this in their desperate times. Please do not even get me started on the fad diet section this magazine displays so proudly.

The Journalist rely so heavily on wispy claims by experts with no knowledge on how to verify the reports or see flaws in the expert’s work. The publishers are unaware of their own reach, rather than promoting critical thinking of the general population they prefer to use consumerism culture to rake in the money. Newspapers devote little to no space to in depth nutrition, despite having all the resources available. It’s purely frustrating to me, and also one of my biggest pet peeves.

Last week I really felt like writing to the publication house to complain, they should at least add a disclaimer box on any speculation rather than presenting it next to factual news. But then I realized it would be a waste of time, rather I made another phone call, a different one, one to cancel my mandatory subscription to those glossy misleading pages.


 Follow-up questions::


Q.1 How popular is reading in your country?

Ans: I’m glad to say that love for reading is still alive in my country. In fact, reading is so popular that each town in my state has a fully equipped library. People of all ages, including children, adults and the elderly, throng to these libraries regularly to enjoy their favourite publications.

Q.2 Do you think reading is important?

Ans: Yes, indeed. In my view, reading has a profound effect on human behaviour and personality development. It not only helps us grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically but also broadens our horizons and shapes our characters.

Q.3 Do you think men and women prefer different types of books?

Ans: Yes, generally speaking, male readers are more inclined towards non-fiction books whereas females enjoy fiction and fantasy based reading.


Useful words and their meanings
Worldview a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world
Fad a style, activity, or interest that is very popular for a short period of time
Blatant (of bad behaviour) done openly and unashamedly.
Peeve a cause of annoyance

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