CUE CARD # Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling in broke down


Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling in broke down

  • When was it
  • Where did it happen
  • Who was with you

And explain how you got it fixed


Cars are the most comfortable and convenient mode of travelling. Its relaxing to travel by a car till time its working smoothly. But it really annoys when you’re excited about something and it does not turn out as per your expectations. This cue card reminds me of a road-trip me and my cousins had planned. We all were extremely excited as at last we were able to execute our plan for a trip to Nanital, which is an aesthetic hill-station on the foothills of Uttrakhand. 

When we headed for our trip, we made sure that our car is in perfect condition in terms of fuel, air and other equipment that were required. As soon as we crossed our city, we heard a loud noise. Initially, we ignored but later a passerby informed us about the punctured tyre of our car. We all were flustered as none of us knew how to replace a flat tyre and unfortunately we couldn’t locate a mechanic nearby. 

As I told earlier, I was with few of my cousins and it was our first road trip. We made a mistake of taking a shorter route due to which we were not able to find immediate help. Since we were allowed on this trip after a lot of requests from our elders, everyone was anxious about informing our parents.

By good luck, a car came by which was heading towards the same destination. The family in that car helped us in changing the tyre. It was so sweet of them to help us in such a situation. After this experience we decided to take rest at a nearby place as we all were exhausted before continuing our trip.

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