Cue Card # Describe a time you were bored

IELTS Cue Card Describe a time you were bored.

Describe a time you were bored.

  • You should say
  • When was it?
  • Where was it?
  • What did you do to alleviate your boredom?
  • And explain why you were so bored.


Sample Answer

Today I am going to recount a day in which I was quite bored. In fact, this happened last week.

I was lounging around on my bed, not knowing what to do as I had just finished reading the entire Percy Jackson series in the past 3 days, it had kept me nicely occupied. Now however, I did not have the energy to start a new book series or movie. I did not have any chores left either; my bed was made, the clothes were washed, the bookshelf dusted, and the dishes were done. Indeed, I was at liberty to do anything; Anything except leave the house that is. Funny how when going outside was legal, all I wanted to do was stay indoors, and now, after hardly two weeks of staying indoors, all I could think of is going outside. I was waiting desperately for corona-virus lock-down end-date.

Later on, I even tried to chase away this feeling of disinterest by watching YouTube, figuring that was the best way to procrastinate and waste away my time. As it turns out, the awareness of not actually procrastinating lured the thrill of even YouTube comedy away, it too, became dull. Now I was truly stumped. What was I to do?

Just then my mother walked into the room. I found just what I wanted to do. I would take up my favourite childhood pastime, annoying my darling mum. And thus, I began asking my mum random questions, nonsense questions, questions even god himself would ponder over. She humoured me and gave equally illogical answers. This was our favourite game, invented a long time ago, when I was learning to explore the world. Our game soon evolved into a serious conversation, speculation and debate. This time, we concluded that the purpose of human life was to create, for creation is fun, stagnation is frustration. Like how the creation of new ideas, novel projects give thrills; and how tedious, repetitive tasks, are akin to torture.

Indeed, I found this revelation to be a very fitting note to end upon, in the face of the boredom I had in the day. I had been bored, because I was doing nothing new, it was all mundane. (360 Words)


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