IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Something you enjoyed wearing on a special occasion.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Something you enjoyed wearing on a special occasion.
  • What was the occasion?
  • What did you choose to wear?
  • Was your time spent there satisfactory?

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Sample Answer

Clothes are not only a necessity nowadays but have developed into an industry due to the evolving of fashion and new trends that come up every now and then. New clothes or designer clothes have a lot of styles and attract everyone. I find it great to wear stylish clothes of different types. My wardrobe comprises of a lot of trendy and fashionable dresses and apparel.

I keep attending many events such as formal parties, weddings, prayer meets, and outdoor parties. Each occasion requires me to use a specific outfit, according to the occasion and the place. Basically, I enjoy wearing fine clothes, especially ethic and formal wear. I never let any occasion slip away, where I can go out and meet different people, dressed in my best.

I still remember once I went to a friend’s wedding wearing an ethnic kurta and a dhoti along with a shawl wrapped around, and matching footwear. As soon as I reached the venue, I was content to see that everyone was noticing what I wore. As the event progressed, I got many compliments for my dress, and I thanked people for the same. It was a good day for me, and I really enjoyed it. My choice of apparel turned out to be really good, and I would love to wear such ethnic wear again and again.

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Word Meaning
evolving Developing gradually over time. Example- Jack’s company has evolved into a major manufacturer.
Dignified and noble in appearance or manner. Example- That hairstyle makes Neena look quite distinguished”
apparel Clothing. Example- All the people at the party were dressed in bright apparel.
prayer meets  Group of people meeting together to do prayers. Example- Rohan is a frequent attendee of the local prayer meet.

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