IELTS speaking task cue card # Describe a water sport you want to do?



  • What was the success?
  • When it happened?
  • How did he/she accomplished it?
  • And explain why you thought it was a success.

A water sport that I fancied to experience for a long time is Scuba diving. The life underwater has always fascinated me, and it would grant me the opportunity to come in contact with the flora and fauna of marine life. As seen in some documentaries, unlike other water activities which involve noises, Scuba diving is a calm and serene sport in which the diver gets away from the troubles of the outer world, experiencing a whole different world altogether. All we are surrounded by is incredible sea creatures and hear the sound of bubbles while we breathe. It is captivating the way humans can breathe deeply underwater with other oceanic beings and coral reefs.

Unfortunately on my last vacation to Goa, I planned but had to cancel my Scuba diving reservations due to some unavoidable medical conditions. I felt envious of my cousins who did it and couldn’t stop talking about how relaxing it was which made me all the more curious. Therefore, this year on my vacation to Kerala, I would definitely love to experience this thrilling sport.

As far as I’ve learned, Scuba diving is considered to be a less complicated sport. It is said to eliminate stress. As underwater we have zero gravity, scuba diving is like flying underwater and being weightless. It is full of fun and though there’s a professional trainer present with us under water, some people who have aqua phobia might feel claustrophobic or fear the marine creatures.

As exploring nature is a meditation in itself, being surrounded by the exotic marine creatures would be a dream I’d like to live forever. Considering that 70% of the world is under the sea which clearly means that it’s unexplored. Therefore, getting to see that undiscovered part with just a dive would be a once in a lifetime experience. There’s no better feeling that encountering those unique species for the first time.  

(318 words)

  • SERENE- peaceful and untroubled.
  • ENVIOUS- jealousy
  • AQUAPHOBIA- fear from water or water activities
  • CLAUSTROPHOBIC- fear of suffocation


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