IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a time when you gave someone money as a gift.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe a time when you gave someone money as a gift.

Please say:

  • Who was that person?
  • When and why did you give them money?
  • How did you feel about it later?

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Sample answer

Gifting is a great idea that has been around since an eternity. It displays the ideology of giving someone something extra to show your affection towards them. It is a beautiful custom that spreads the beauty of togetherness and love for the people around us. I have come a long way in life and made many amazing relations on the way. I have often shown my gratitude and love to them by gifting as well.

After settling in a new city for a new job, I met a school friend of mine at a cafeteria. We had a long conversation and he told me he was married and had a young daughter as well. While leaving he also invited me to his daughter’s birthday celebration and insisted on my presence. I obliged by agreeing to come, but I was at my wit’s end while choosing a suitable gift. Since I did not know what would be suitable to gift, I gave it a long thought. I then simply put a sum of 3000 rupees in an envelope and left for the party. It was a grand occasion with smiling faces all around. The little girl was very happy to receive all those gifts.

I felt really good about my choice of gift, as the money is highly tangible, and the parents can decide what is best for her daughter. Basically, I have just given them a choice to decide what to buy for her, in a cordial manner. I can be at ease, knowing that she will receive an apt gift from my end, at the end of the day.
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