IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: A time when you had to find some information.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

A time when you had to find some information.


  • When was this incident?
  • What was the information?
  • Why did you require it?
Sample Answer

The world has become a smaller place in today’s times, as the internet and technology have given people ease of access and brought them closer. From time to time we go to find out information from different sources such as books and the internet. I have also looked around through my resources in order to look for a variety of information.

One such incident took place when I was in the ninth standard. We were supposed to complete many summer project reports of different subject topics. Choosing to start with geography, I was supposed to write a project on all the mountain ranges of the world. My school course book proved inept at providing me with in-depth details and facts about the topic. Alternatively, I started to go through other books such as encyclopedias and detailed subject books. After collecting some information, I opened my computer to take more help from the internet.

I went through various websites that had blogs and articles about the mountain ranges and was satisfied to find all the information that I needed. After this work, I searched for their images as well, so that I could stick them on to my report as well. I then used all the gathered information to create a detailed report along with the corresponding pictures. The project was a highly challenging task to collect and compile such large information, but I enjoyed it very much, and also learned a lot of facts and figures. It was a great experience and I have followed it in my time of need since then.

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