Listening Strategies # After and During

Once you have read the instructions properly and you are aware of the different questions and the main idea of the audio, the next thing to do is face it. Yes, with full confidence move towards hearing the audio and answering properly. Some of the strategies that will help you are –


Look out for clues
Listen attentively for the clues in the question. This is the place where your vocabulary becomes important because they don’t use words which are already present in the question.
Answer properly
Now this is something that is very important. You may be able to find the correct answer but until you answer it properly there is no use of it. For example, if the question asks you to answer in no more than three words but you answer it in four words, the answer will be regarded as incorrect. Even more, make sure that you tick the right number of options. For instance if the question asks you to tick the two right answer but you only tick one correct answer or vice versa you may lose marks.
Listening Strategies

Listening Strategies

Do not panic
Often it so happens that you miss out on a question, what if you start panicking. First you are not able to answer the question properly, next you may even lose out some information required for the next question. So, keep calm and do the test properly.


Answer every question
It might be possible that you miss out on some question and even after trying too hard you are not able to answer it. What to do?? Relax. You are not given negative marks if you answer any question wrong so try to make a knowledgeable guess and answer the most appropriate option according to you.
Make sure you make sense
After you have answered the question, read the answer again and make sure that whatever you have written makes complete sense. They should be grammatically correct as well as, the spelling must be right.
Don’t be a copy cat
Make sure whatever you write in the answer sheet is what you have written yourself and not something that was printed in the question paper.

Don’t just read these strategies, I say go, take a print out of it and for the initial times when you are practicing listening, make sure you first read them and try to imbibe them in your practice.

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