IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Superpower

We all have heard stories of super powerful people but do you know that we all have some superpower within us. This time we are looking at a BBC 6 minutes listening that talks about the super power within us.

Listen to the audio below before answering the questions –

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. Which word describes a person who can change shape and become anything?
  2. What is the ethnicity of Ms. Marvel?
  3. Who replaces Tony Stark as Iron Man?
  4. What is the synonym of contaminated?
  5. Which phrase used for something that is very clear?
  6. What is the other word used for filled?
  7. Which word describes the arguing about things that are not important?
  8. Which Japanese comic book is designed for adults and children?
  9. What word describes the career where ou have the freedom to make your own decisions?
  10. Which person is responsible for drawing the character, Ms. Marvel?
  1. shape shifter
  2. Asian
  3. Riri Williams
  4. poisoned
  5. hard-and-fast
  6. imbued
  7. bickering
  8. manga
  9. autonomous
  10. Adrian Alphono


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