IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Social Media

Social media is the one paradigm of our lives that has changed dramatically in recent times. There is no denying that so many people use it and often get affected by their lives as well. Right from facebook to twitter and whatsapp, social media has impacted the lives of people in ways that no one can think of. This time we are going to listen to a BBC 6 minute audio on social media and try to understand its impact on lives of people.

IELTS Listening Sample Questions Social Media

The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes learning English.

You can download the audio from the below link –

Sample Questions Social Media
Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS
  1.  Which word describes a situation where you’re talking to someone and they suddenly look down at their phone or answer it?
  2. What is the word used to describe the rules of polite behavior in society?
  3. What are the rules of behavior considered acceptable in a group or society?
  4. Which phrase is used to describe that you are doing something deliberately in order to annoy someone?
  5. What word defines that you are engaged with someone emotionally?
  6. What is the engagement with each other called?
  7. The synonym of closeness, is?
  8. What is the act of deliberately ignoring someone you know called?
  9. What is the synonym of portmanteau?
  10. Which word is used to describe the word that are made by joining two existing words?


  1. phubbing
  2. etiquette
  3. social norms
  4. wind someone up
  5. connection
  6. interaction
  7. intimacy
  8. snub
  9. blends
  10. blends or portmanteau

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