IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Smart Phones

Smart Phones are the rage of the world currently! They are the ones that are defining things around and almost everyone is using them! Smart phones have changed the way people act or react, the way things are being done and everything around! They have changed how people take photographs and listen to music. This time, we are looking at a BBC listening module that talks about the smart phones.

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions –

  1.  When was the first digital camera introduced?
  2.  Who is the editor of Tech Radar magazine?
  3.  Which expression is used to describe a big fall in sales?
  4. Which expression is used to explain that you have chosen something over something else?
  5.  What expression is used to show that you are disappointed with something?
  6. Which expression is used to show that you are becoming interested into something?
  7. What expression does the author uses to show that something is moving at a higher level?


  1.  2000
  2. Phil Hall
  3. dropped off a cliff
  4. opt for
  5. frustrated
  6. getting into
  7. taking the next rung up


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