IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Future Furniture

IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Future Furniture

The below audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English.

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Sample Questions about Future Furniture

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS

  1. Which word describes the situation when you can use things together?
  2. What phrase has been used to refer to something that has the newest ideas and features?
  3. Which word is used by Neil to talk about something that is out-dated?
  4. What word refers to the technology that will be part of the furniture?
  5. In which technology do the mobile phones work using radio waves to send and receive data?
  6. What do modern phone batteries contain?
  7. Which word is used to refer to the things that a phone can do?
  8. What term is used to refer to a battery that cannot be taken out and replaced?
  9. What is a unit that cannot be opened called?


  1. compatible
  2. state of the art
  3. dinosaur
  4. built in
  5. wireless technology
  6. lithium
  7. functionality
  8. user-replaceable
  9. sealed unit


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