IELTS Full Speaking Part1 -Introduction and Interview, Part2-Cue Card, Part3 – Follow Up Questions


Part 1.0 – Introduction and Interview

Q1.1. Can you describe your school?

My school’s name is Brightlands. It is one of the most popular schools in DehraDun. It is located in the center of the city. It has some of the best faculties in the town.

Q1.2. How do/did you get to school everyday?

My school was far from home, so I used school bus as my mode of transportation. A lot of my friends used to go in that same bus.

Q1.3. Do/Did you enjoy your experience at school? (Why/Why not?)

I enjoyed being at school. School days were the best as I met my friends daily. I learnt so many things at school like dance, sports, drama which has developed my overall personality.

Topic # Seasons

Q1.4 Which is your favorite season?

Spring is my favorite season. It comes between the winter and summer. I like it for two reasons. One is that the weather is pleasant and the days get longer. Other is, the colorful flowers start blooming which lifts up my mood.

Q1.5 What sports are popular in different seasons in your country?

Vallam Kali also known as boat racing is one of the most popular sports in Southern parts of India. It is mostly practiced in Spring season. Apart from that there are Winter sports like Skiing, Snowboarding and Ice skating that are mostly played in Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

Q1.6 In which season do you think it’s best to get married?

The best season to get married is autumn, specially September and October as the weather is pleasant then. Moreover, these months are auspicious according to the Hindu Calendar, so a lot of couples prefer getting married in autumn.

Q1.7 What problems are caused by extreme seasonal weathers?

Global Warming is one of the major environmental problems caused by extreme seasonal weathers. There are several imbalances such as enraged heat waves and rise in sea levels. To add more natural calamities like draughts, snow storms, floods and more are occurring frequently due to extreme weather conditions.

Topic # Languages

Q1.8 Is the language of your country difficult to learn?

My country is known for it’s linguistic diversity. There are several languages spoken in India such as Gujarati, Sanskrit, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. But the most common language of India is Hindi. I believe learning Hindi is not very hard. It has a moderate difficulty level.

Q1.9 What languages are learnt at school in your country?

Apart from Hindi, there are various other languages that are taught in Indian schools like French, Spanish, English and German. Chinese is also gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Q1.10 What are the advantages of speaking more than one language?

People who speak more than one language have social advantages. It makes communication with the natives easier. It also makes travelling easier. Overall, people who speak different languages can easily connect with new people.

Q1.11 When you visit a foreign country, do you try and learn some of the language?(Why/Why not?)

Whenever I visit a foreign country, I try to learn a few words and sentences because it’s easier to make new friends if we know the language. One can ask for directions when lost in a new country. It also makes me confident.


Part 2.0 – Individual long turn (IELTS Cue Card)

Describe a sport or game that you like to watch or play

Describe a sport or game that you like to watch or play.


You should say:


  • Why would you like to watch or play this sport or game
  • Where you watch or play this sport or game
  • How much it costs to watch or play this sport or game
  • And briefly explain how the game is played.
Sample Answer

My favorite sport is Badminton. It is a sport that makes me feel energetic. Badminton is a popular sport in India and enjoyed by many people. My favorite Badminton player is Saina Nehwal. She is one of that player who has revived Badminton in India and brought it to new heights. She got a Gold medal for India in 2010 Common Wealth games. It is because of her that my interest have gone higher in Badminton. She is the first Indian to win Gold in two singles in Common Wealth games. Saina is my inspiration.

I play Badminton for fun. This game is a good source of physical exercise for me and my friends. We play it in a playground that is near my house.

It is a two-player game. The sport is played by hitting the shuttlecock across the net, with the help of a racket. Both the players have to make sure that the cock does not fall within their court otherwise the opponent gets the point. The players are allowed to run inside the courts within their boundaries. This game builds up the stamina of the players and at the same time it’s rejuvenating. All in all I love this sport.

Part 3.0 – Follow Up Questions

Q3.1 Why is doing exercise good for you?

Exercise is the best way to stay physically fit. It helps in protecting us from diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attack and blood pressure imbalances. Doing exercise regularly has improved my quality of speech. It has increased my immunity and I do not fall sick frequently. It has also helped in my weight management.

Q3.2 How can we get young people do exercise more?

Majority of young people don’t exercise regularly, but it is very important to have a healthy body. To introduce young people to exercise, we can introduce fun activities such as zumba, yoga, skipping and rope pulling.

Q3.3 How can sport improve people’s mental health?

Playing sports doesn’t only have physical benefits but also improves our mental health. Physicl work outs help in reducing stress. Recent researches have shown that playing sports help in treatment of depression. It also helps in improving cognitive development of children.

Q3.4 How can sport be bad for your health?

Sport can be bad for health as there is a risk of injury. Injuries such as bone fractures, neck and back injuries can lead to lifelong deformity. It can also lead to a psychological trauma as player is always under the pressure of winning.


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