IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Famous Person

There are so many people that we adore but then there is this one person in everyone’s life that they follow, that they idolize that people wish to meet in their life time. Let us today have a look at some of the cue card questions related to a famous person that one would love to meet.

Tell us about a famous person you would like to meet.

You should say:

  • who is he/ she
  • why do you want to meet him/ her
  • why he/she is famous

and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.

Sample Answer One

There are so many people that I love and adore but the one person I would love to meet some day is Priyanka Chopra. She is the most successful Bollywood actress of our times, having won Miss world she entered into the Bollywood and has swept us all with her amazing acting. Then, she moved onto singing songs and has some great singles like In my city, I can’t make you fall in love with me. From there, she has even acted in TV seasons in Hollywood as the lead.

The reason I want to meet her is because I believe she is that one lady that is a walking promoter of girl power. She has taught so many girls, in so many ways, that if one is ready to work hard on their dreams the world is all theirs and that there is nothing in this world that is unachievable and one should never stop. Having achieved one thing does not mean it is the end of your story. From every achievement or failure begins a new path, the one that will take you to new areas.

Priyanka Chopra truly lives in the heart of many of our country men and so many of women get inspired from her. Not only is she amazing at her work, she has also been associated with lot of philanthropy work that helps people all around the world in education and help provide  better living facilities.

The reason I want to meet her is because I want to know her. What was that one defining moment when she realized that this is something that she will do. I want to meet her and interview her in sometime, to know what goes inside the head of the most successful person I have ever come across.

famous people

Sample Answer Two

We all idolize lot of different people and the one person that I truly admire is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is the captain of our Indian cricket team and has led us in some of the most toughest situations and made us victorious. It was under his captainship that India won its first T20 world cup and the world cup in 2011. He is often regarded as the captain cool because of his unwavering behavior in spite of any loss or victory.

The reason I want to meet him is because he is the true representation of a common man with so uncommon dreams. It was his journey that is so inspiring. From having faced issues that we all face, parental pressure, peer pressure, job insecurity, finding the right path and then landing into something that is true to his heart.

He has been an inspiration to many people and even after having achieved so much it is humble nature that charms everyone. The fact that he is close to his family and that he respects his country the most.

He is one of the most famous cricket captains the history of our cricket has seen. Not only because of the way he lead the team and made it victorious, but because of how he changed the environment of the dressing rooms in the cricket grounds. How he taught people to work together and in many ways the country that no matter how successful you become in your life, what is most important is that you love and respect the right people in your life. That you handle criticism and flattery in the same way and do what is important for you and your country.




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