IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Computer Games

There is this one thing that most of us have done during their childhood and some do even now and that is playing computer games.Be it playing Mario or the newer games like Counter strike, computer games have always been amazing. Let us today have a look at the questions related to computer games that might be asked as a cue card.

Describe a computer game you have played.

You should say:

  • What it was
  • When you played it
  • What the game was about

And explain how you played this game.

I have never been a huge fan of computer games but the one game that I loved playing as a child on my computer was Mario. I believe Mario is one of the most famous games of our times and it is rarely anyone who has not played the game.

I remember, I was in class fourth when my father brought home computer and at that time the games were sold in CDs. So, me and my friends got a CD and installed it on our computer. We loved the game and played it during holidays. We would have bets as to who will reach to how far a level and how much points a person will score.

We used to keep track of all those things and then if there used to be a tie, we would find out what is the score of the person. There was so much of fun and excitement associated with the game that we hardly got time to think of anything else.

The game was about this guy Mario who was out there to save his queen, so his aim and hence our aim was to make sure that he reaches the queen. To do so, he had to fight lot of enemies and animals and jump through fires and lots more to reach destination.

We used to play the game using keyboard and had some dedicated keys for the particular actions of Mario. Most of the times we used to play in group, but sometimes I even enjoyed playing it alone. But, one thing is for sure, the game was amazing and almost addictive. I have loved it through my entire childhood and remember playing it even when I grew up.

computer games

I loved playing computer games as a child, so me and my friends would figure out what is the new game that is being launched and would go and buy its CD. Although, later on the games started becoming available online and we could transfer games through pen drives, I still believe that there was much more fun associated with buying games from CD.

Although, there have many games like angry birds and counter strike that have come up and surely they are very exciting, but the one game that I still love is Doom. It was an amazing game and almost exciting. So, in this game you had your gun and you need to check out every door and see if their is a killer on the other side and kill it before he does, or their is life on the other side.

And in the midst of all that, find out the key that takes you the next level. I used to play this game alone on my  PC and enjoy. But, me and my brother used to have bets as to who will reach a particular stage faster and who will score the more.

I remember those days and it was so much fun, fighting over the computer and playing games and enjoying life.


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