IELTS Cue Card Latest Questions # Interesting Neighbours

We are living in times when people are so busy living their lives that they don’t even remember who their neighbours are! However, there are some who manage to have really nice neighbours. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about an interesting neighbour.

Describe an interesting neighbour.
You should say:

  • who is the person?
  • how often you see him or her
  • how long you have known this neighbour

also explain, why you consider this person to be interesting.

Notes :

  • boy studying in college
  • mostly in weekends
  • probably one year
  • he does almost everything, right from cooking food to cleaning his room.
  • he is an amazing traveller
  • has a lot of knowledge.
Sample Answer:

It was a year back when I shifted to Bhubaneswar and started living in an apartment. Initially, no one lived in my neighbourhood until one day when a stout boy came there with just a bag. For few days, I thought there would be something more that he will bring along with him, but there was absolutely nothing. Just a few books, probably his documents and there was he. Later I realised he was a student at a nearby college and was doing his bachelor’s there.

We met over a confusion of a Mc Donald’s delivery boy and landed up eating the pizza together.  I remember us talking about space and then novels and games and had lots of fun! Then he told me about how great cook he is and we meet up almost every weekend!

Sometimes we go travelling, the other times to a book fair. The reason I find this person so interesting is that he is so intelligent yet so warm and then so freaky all at once.  You can never get hang of what is going on in his mind.



a district or community within a town or city.


rather fat or of heavy build.


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