IELTS Cue Card Latest Questions # Daily Routine

The one thing that is common in all the successful people is that they all have a routine. Most people in this world, however, fail to have a daily routine. But, even then in the anonymity of the day that they will be living there is still left a sense of routine. This time we are looking at the daily routine of the individuals and what are things that they like in their day.

Describe a time of the day that you like. You should say:

  • what time of day it is?
  • what you do at that time?
  • who are you usually with?

and explain, why you like it?


There are certain days in life that are tough and then few others that are easy but no matter what the best part of the day for me are the evenings. Evening is the time when I am out of the office and usually at home or taking a walk in the park near me. When at home, I usually read novels or I am working on my blog. This is the time when I am alone in my room with a tea and either a laptop or a book in my hand. If I am not reading something most probably I am out on a walk with my friend, discussing things that don’t really matter and laughing at all the crazy things that we do. There are times that we go out and make random plans and do the crazy things.

I do love my evenings almost every day. Because they are either as calm as reading books and knowing oneself or as amazing as having fun with a good friend.


My day usually begins at 5 after which I do my exercise and then reading and go to office. Most of the times I am back at home by 8 but sometimes it even extends. But, I think in the entire day if there is one part which I really like about is the morning. Getting up and going out for jogging really does gives me the clarity in life to do things right in the beginning itself. Every problem that I am facing in life gets so easily solved during the jog. Post that, I freshen up and start reading newspaper followed by a novel.

Reading helps me and for that matter everyone expand their base of knowledge. One learns so much more from reading than anything in life. So, I read a newspaper and then a novel and sometimes solve some math problems. The reason I really like the morning is because they help me have a better day all throughout. Because no matter how many problems or issues that I face during the day, I know that I will find the solution the next day in the morning.


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