IELTS Cue Card Latest Questions # Communication

We learn so much more from people around then we ever learn from anything. So, its easy to say that communication is the best teacher. Most often we read books and assume that we have understood a concept but often until we have experienced it, we do not understand its importance. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about advice. Advise is something we often receive but how often do we love those advise. Let us look at a cue card that talks about an advice that you loved receiving.

Describe a piece of advise that you recently received. 

You should say :

  • when this happened
  • who gave you the advice
  • what the advice was

and explain how you felt about the advice

  • during lunch.
  • a friend of mine
  • behave with others the way you want them to behave with you. everything reciprocates in life
  • wished i got the advice before in life. Could have saved a few relationships

My life has been filled with advise. Some which I took, some I discarded whole heartedly. But, I think the best of the advice that I have ever got have always been at random places talking about things completely different. Most recently, at my office, we were sitting at the lunch area and were talking randomly about crushes and old loves. So, everyone was telling their stupid first love stories and I remember telling mine. How I avoided someone and the stupid innocent things we do.

Sitting across me was a friend of mine and she said, you know, one should never expect anything from any one. You should rather do with the other person what you expect from them. So, if you expect love from someone give them love. If you expect friendship from someone, you need to give that to the other person. I really loved the advice because it made me realise that we often worry about what we don’t have or what we have not got. But, it is always about giving to the other person.

The more you give the better it is.



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