IELTS cue card: How do old people spend their Leisure time?

How do old people spend their leisure time?


  • Who they spend it with?
  • How often do they do it?
  • How do they like it?


How do old people spend their leisure time?Who they spend it with?How often do they do it?How do they like it?

Sample Answer

The way people spend their leisure time changes dramatically as they age. Old people mostly spend their time watching television or listening to the radio. I remember my grandfather wasn’t much interested in watching TV but he was big on the news. He used to listen to the news every night religiously, and then he would have a sort of round-table discussion over the current issues with his friends.

Another way old people get together is when they meet for a walk. They never miss a chance to catch up with their buddies while they get themselves some fresh air in the park every day. They would, actually, talk more but walk less. But it’s good, nonetheless. Old people need someone to talk to otherwise they feel all lonely and left out. 

The third most common way of spending time for old people is -since most of them are grandparents- to have fun with their grandkids. In joint families, it’s mostly the grandparents who spend their time with the little children while their parents are busy at work. It is thought that since they were too busy while raising their own kids, old people now can sort of compensate it and enjoy their time frolicking with the toddlers.


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