IELTS Cue Card 2017 Questions # Shifting

Gone are the days when people were born in one place and died at the same place. We are in times when people are always on movement, always shifting, changing places, friends and so much more. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about how one feels when moving to a new school or home.

Talk about a time when you moved to a new school.

  • What were the reasons for moving to the new school?
  • explain how did you feel about it
  • do you think it is a good idea to change schools frequently?

Over the period of my school days, I have changed schools three times. Sometimes the shifting was because of my father’s transfer, the other time because of my education. Changing schools has always been a piece of cake for me because I do gel up with people. But one time that I really did not enjoyed changing school was when I came to Dehradun for my higher studies. Usually changing schools meant going along with parents, this time it was all new, making the experience entirely different.

Having changed so many schools, I think they do help in developing the personality of a child. It teaches how to gel up with people and be ready for change. But, then it also takes away the stability that sometimes we need in life. Children who frequently go to new schools are often not able to make lasting friendships which are required later in life.


Over the period

Meaning – an amount of time

piece of cake

Meaning – something that is very easy to do

Synonym – child’s play, doddle, snap, nothing, breeze, cinch, gift

lasting friendships

Friendships that stay for a longer period of time



  • Please give me another sample

    • There have been many times when I have changed my school, mostly because of my father’s transfer to different locations. One particular change that I can remember is when I was in class 6 and we shifted to a new place Obra. It was because my father landed up a job at a power plant.
      That was the first time I studied in a convent and got to know the ways of studying in a convent school. It was the best school of our town and some of the brilliant people studied there. The good thing about the school was the importance it gave to extracurricular activities and the great teachers it had. The come qualities of writing and speaking have come into me from studying in the convent school. It was in this school that I conquered the art of speaking on stage and making blunders.
      Although I have changed lot of schools over a time period, I believe it is a good idea to stick to one school. Because a person learns more than just text books if he or she stays in the say school.

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  • Please give me sample for shift to new house

  • give a note on local food that you eat pretty often

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