IELTS Cue Card 2017 Questions # Life Lesson

Most often in life, we meet people who not only do become our friends or comrades, they go on to teach us things that no book ever teaches us. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a life lesson that someone very special taught you.

Describe a life lesson that you learnt from someone special.

  • who is that person
  • what did they teach you
  • how did they teach you

also, explain, did you tell it to someone else as well.


Life is beautiful. This is something I can say now, but a few years back, I really could not make sense out of my life and was troubled by the smallest of changes. Back then, I worked at a software company and apart from work, made few friends here and there. Out of all of those comrades that I made and the friends that I bonded over, I met a person who taught me the importance of relationships.

She was a good friend of mine and until meeting her I thought relations are facard and everyone is busy with their lives. It was she who told me that no matter how people behave with us it is very important that we showed the love and care. This is the most important thing to have lasting relationships in life. On questioning on why should I be bothered about others, she told me that one must take care of themselves and then of people around.

All of this was not something she spoke off, but what she showed off. There were times when people left her, but the ones that stayed were amazing and her life is so much more beautiful because she has people to share it with!

I have not been able to imbibe it very well in my life, so possibly, not got the chance to share with others. But obviously, in the little actions that I do, if someone understands it, I do thank my friend Anamika.


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