How To Sound Like A Native Speaker

Most of the students interested in studying abroad, want to sound like a native speaker. Although, neither it is mandatory nor will you be given extra marks for it. Apart from it, there is this one thing you need to remember, it is not easy so you need to be patient with yourself. It will come eventually.

  1. Connect Words- When a native speaker speaks, they tend to connect some words and speak them together. For instance, if one word ends in consonant and the next word begins in the consonant, one simply drops the first consonant. Example- black coffee, in this a native speaker would rather say “blacoffee”. This is helpful in the listening section.
  2. Squeeze Words – When speaking words, native speakers tend to bend in the different syllables and pronounce them together. For example, comfortable is rather pronounced as comf ta bl.e.
  3. Squeeze Letters- This happens for some letter such as country, hundred, did you. The dr in hundred is spoken as jr.

So, go on listen to individual words, native speakers and go out do dictation.You can even listen to English songs or podcast by BBC, or other different audios in English to get a hang of it. Remember, the more you practice the better it will be.


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