IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Talk about a historical period you want to know more about.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Talk about a historical period you want to know more about.

  • Which period is it?
  • When did it occur?
  • Why are you interested in it?
  • Who all were involved in it?
Sample Answer

India has been through a lot of historical events under various rulers and governments. This has led to the long and highly interesting history of my country to be written for everyone to know and learn from. I am fond of reading history in general but the most fascinating period for me is from the year 1940 to 1947. It was the last phase of the Indian independence movement while being under British rule. The British rule in India lasted for nearly two hundred years. It was in 1947 on the fifteenth of August that India had finally gained its freedom from the oppressive and tyrannical British rule.

I am interested in gaining knowledge about all the proceedings that took place in this period as they increase my curiosity the most. I came across information on this era in my eighth-grade history book. Since then, I have spoken to my grandparents at length on this topic. They have told me many stories of freedom fighters standing up against the British army for their rights, apart from many of their own experiences during that time. I have also read many books and watched various movies and documentaries on this subject.

This period is full of various occurrences on a mass scale and involves sacrifices of innumerable freedom fighters who gave away everything to fight the British rule. During this time, our country was divided into two separate nations, and a new country named Pakistan came into existence. It is indeed one of the most important periods in the country’s history.

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