IELTS Speaking cue card: Describe something you taught to your friend/relative

Describe something you taught to your friend/relative
You should say:

  • what you taught him/her
  • when it was
  • how long it was for
  • and explain how you felt about it

Sample answer

I enjoy teaching and imparting my knowledge with others. Today, I’m going to talk about a time when I taught mathematics to one of my friends.

It’s been quite long, around 10 years. I was pursuing my Bachelor’s from Kurukshetra University. The course comprised three majors: mathematics, science and computer science. Mathematics was a challenging subject. Despite that I obtained excellent grades in mathematics. Sadly, my close friend, Rohit, didn’t get good grades in his first semester exams.  He was unable to understand the fundamentals of calculus and trigonometry. He asked me if I could help him. I willingly agreed.

I started teaching him in the evening. Initially, nothing seemed to move forward as Rohit didn’t have a strong foundation in maths. But, his willingness to learn kept us going. We kept on trying and after a lot of hard work for months, I could see a change in his level.

Overall, I loved sharing my knowledge with Rohit. This help wasn’t out of obligation but out of true friendship to boost his confidence and help him develop his mathematical skills. Being a student, teaching him was a tough task for me as well. At times I had to come up with a new idea to make him understand the question. He always gave his 100% and we managed to successfully clear all mathematics exams together. It was an achievement for both of us, and I will never regret helping a friend in need.


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