IELTS CUE CARD # Describe a good news that you have received recently.

IELTS Cue Card Describe the good news that you have received recently.

Describe a good news that you have received recently.
You should say:

What it was about

  • When you heard about it
  • How you heard this news
  • And explain how you felt after knowing it.

Sample Answer Whenever there is any good news, I always try to cherish it. Today, I’d like to about one such news that I
received a couple of months ago.
The news was about getting a new job. I had completed my Master in Business Administration with
specialization in marketing last year. Since then, I was searching for a job in the marketing field where I
can interact with different types of people and have an opportunity to enhance my communication
skills. I had even applied in a number of multinational companies for the post of a marketing executive.
Fortunately, I was called for an interview by one of the prestigious organizations where I found that
many candidates were in the race for the job. As it was my first interview, I was not completely
confident and was feeling the pressure of competition. I was not satisfied with my interview and had
lost all the hopes of getting this job. But, to my surprise, after a week got a phone call from the HR
department of the company where I went for the interview. The caller told me that I was hired for the
post I had applied for and the appointment letter had been sent to my e-mail address.
It contained the offer of appointment along with terms and conditions, job responsibilities and the date
of reporting to the company. Along with this letter, they offered me free air ticket to the headquarters
of the company where I would have to go to take the pre-job training for a month.
I jumped with joy after reading the letter and felt a little proud of myself. I immediately broke the news
to my parents and they were elated after they heard it. I went to the temple next day with my parents
and thanked God for his kindness.

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