CUE CARD – Describe something important that you lost

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe something important that you lost.

You should say:

    • What is was ?
    • How you lost it ?
    • Why was it important to you?
    • How did you feel when you lost it ?
Sample Answer

People who are clumsy or absentminded often tend to lose things. And to be honest, I used to be one such person. I would often leave my lunchbox or water bottle at school. So today, I would be sharing an incident when I lost something important. The thing I lost was my wallet, I bought it from the local Delhi market. Although it was not expensive but it was quite cute. It was black in color with a unique striped pattern. I had been using it for 3 years. It was really disheartening to lose something that’s been within you for a good time .
It was my cousin’s wedding I was traveling back to my hometown. I had booked the bus ticket in advance to avoid the fuss. The journey from Delhi to Dehradun was about seven hours. Meanwhile, I used my wallet to buy some snacks, I didn’t realize whether I kept it back in my bag or not. I reached Dehradun in the evening and was completely exhausted after the long tiring journey. My uncle was there to receive me at the bus station. We were about to reach home when I decided to take some chocolates for my niece, it was then when I realized that my wallet was missing, we rushed back to the bus station but the bus had already left. We managed to contact the conductor but it was too late. Someone had taken it. It had around 2000 rupees in cash and a few important cards which included a credit card, driving license, and my college identity card.
It was the first time I experienced something like that when I got home as I was telling my parents that is when the tears started bursting, It felt like it was the first time in a while that I cried that badly. The fact that no matter how hard I cry it won’t magically appear in front of me so there is no point in crying over spilled milk. It was a harsh lesson that I learned, and since then I became more vigilant about my stuff. Now, whenever I travel, the first thing I do is recheck my belongings.

Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)
Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3) related to cue card ‘describe something important that you lost’.

Q1. What kinds of people may lose things often ?
Children have mastered losing things, I remember forgetting my lunch box in school every alternate day which used to make my mother unhappy. Apart from them, youngsters, carrying a careless attitude forget to recollect their stuff in restaurants, cafes, and markets.

Q2. What can we do to prevent losing important things ?
To prevent losing important things we can certainly have a designated place to keep things that we often lose also we can set reminders on mobile phones.

Q3. What kinds of things have you lost so far ?
Being absent-minded, I have lost many things including debit cards, watches, and mobile phones. However, now I rarely lose things because I started meditating which has helped me to overcome this habit.

Q4.What should people do to find what they lost ?
They should recollect where they saw the object for the last time and subsequently contact friends and family for cues to locate the lost item. If available take help from technology like CCTV.



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