CUE CARD -Describe a piece of good news you received.

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a piece of good news you received

You should say:

  • What the news was?
  • When you heard about it?
  • Who gave you the news?

And explain how you felt about this piece of good news.

Sample Answer

In a world, full of many unfortunate and frustrating news, good news is really hard to come by. So, whenever there is any positive news, I always try to cherish it, and today, I’d like to share one such good news, that I heard about a couple of months ago.

The news was about getting a new job. It was certainly a piece of good news because my cousin was searching for a job for a considerable period after finishing university. But, unfortunately, even though, he was getting a lot of interview calls, no company was actually offering him a kind of job where he could fully utilize the skills he had learned. Of course, earlier he had got some job offers from here and there, but he didn’t exactly like those jobs because he was aiming for much better opportunities.

By the way, my cousin is a brilliant student, and he also topped the university, so it is only natural for him that he would aim for better opportunities. Anyway, after trying to find a better job for a long time, he got so frustrated that at some point, he thought of giving up searching for a job and starting some kind of business. But, as an elder sister, it was only me who was asking him to be a little more patient. So, when he got a job offer letter from one of the prestigious private companies in my country, he immediately decided to break this news to me as his priority to give me this news when I was away from town for an important piece of work.

I felt great about that news because it would finally give some hope in life to my beloved cousin. I also felt a little proud of myself because, after all, it was I who convinced him to wait and keep applying for more jobs when he had lost all hope and was impatient because of not getting a job.

Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)

Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3)related to cue card ‘DESCRIBE A PIECE OF GOOD NEWS YOU RECEIVED.’

Q1.How do people share good news? 

Ans. People share the good news through verbal communication, such as talking and phone calls and sometimes they prefer to communicate by sending text messages, emails, or social media posts, and also through in-person celebrations and gatherings.

Q2.Why do people share news on social media?

Ans. In my opinion, people use different social media platforms to share news because it allows them to easily and quickly share information with a large group, and also to receive instant feedback, reactions, and comments. Also, it allows them to stay connected with friends and family and also to share their experiences and thoughts with a wider audience.


Word Meaning Example
Frustrating Annoys you or makes you angry because you cannot do anything about the problems it causes. It has been a frustrating season for players.
Prestigious Very much respected and admired It’s one of the most prestigious names in theatre.

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