Cue Card # A time when you didn’t share a truth with your best friend

IELTS Speaking Task # Cue Card

A time when you didn’t share a truth with your best friend. You should say:

  • What was it about?
  • Why you didn’t reveal it?
  • How he/she felt about it?

And explain what his /her reaction to this was.

Cue Card # A time when you didn’t share a truth with your best friend. Best IELTS Band7 Coaching in dehradun


Trust is considered to be an important tool in one’s friendship which takes time and diligence to rebuild if lost. Here, I’d like to talk about a time when I tried to conceal a secret from a friend which had a bad effect on our friendship. The scenario happened quite a while ago when we were in University. It was during our results when I tried to keep my best friend’s poor grades confidential as she was enjoying her cousin’s wedding at that time.

As far as I remember, most of my friends were worried about their performance in the exams but my best friend had a different level of excitement since it was her relative’s wedding within two days. Though she was equally nervous about the results, she didn’t let her fear come between her happiness. When the result was declared, all of my friends cleared the exams with flying colors but unfortunately, my best friend result was not up to the expectations.

I decided not to inform her about the result on a call as it might affect her joyful state of mind of the wedding ceremonies. But unluckily, she got this bitter news from one of our classmates. She was deeply affected by it as those results were going to have a major impact on our placements.

Initially, this situation jeopardized our friendship and people tried to create misunderstandings between us. But after a couple of days, she considered my point of view and tried to look at it from my position. We later on, apologized and promised to never hide truth from each other, no matter how bitter it would be.

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