Task 2 Essay #Alternative forms of medicine

IELTS Task 2 Essay

The usage of alternative forms of medicine is becoming increasingly popular. However, at best these methods are ineffective, and at worst they may be dangerous.


To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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Sample Answer

Alternative medicine is thought to be older than conventional medicine and is prevalent worldwide. It is popular in different ways all over the globe and I feel that it is not at all useless or dangerous. I understand that both forms of medicine can be useful in their own manner.

Alternate medicine and its disapproval by the conventional medical community may be due to various reasons. Firstly, scientific research into such medicine is almost negligible, leading to a severe lack of concrete scientific evidence to support its claims. Furthermore, people try these kinds of treatments due to their word of mouth publicity.

On the other hand, the use of alternatives is backed with many strong arguments. There have been many real-life cases to prove that such medicines and therapies have a strong effect. This results in a very positive attitude of the patients, and assists in curing them in the long term. These are far from being dangerous and have almost negligible side effects. This results in no change being the worst outcome.

Moreover, such therapies usually consist of lengthy procedures that show their effects slowly with time and are more useful for long term or chronic ailments. In addition, one of the strongest arguments is the money that people are willing to spend upon alternative medicine. This would not have been the case if alternative medicine practices were harmful, or even ineffective.

In my opinion, both forms of medicine should be practiced. Even if conventional methods may be handy and better result oriented in cases such as injuries, alternative medicine has its own advantages. They have different areas of expertise and should be effectively used in different domains.

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