IELTS Writing Sample Answer # Part Time Jobs

Some countries motivate students to take up part-time jobs while others disagree. Give your opinion and explain both sides.


Education without any practical knowledge is often considered a waste, while an improper knowledge leads to unskilled individuals. Most countries across the world motivate the students to take up part-time jobs related to their field of study. However, in some countries, the focus is entirely on the curriculum of the school. Although both the approaches have their cons and pros, in my opinion, working part-time has more benefits to the students than the later.

Working part-time along with studying helps students in building inter-personal skills along with communication skills. Even more, when students at early age understand how hard it is to earn money, they tend to use their financial resources more cautiously. In addition, most students have dim clarity about their future job, taking on several part-time jobs allows them to take a better future decision. Part-time jobs have allowed teenagers to build positive ramifications in their lives.

In contradiction, for teenagers, the highest priority must be their assignments and learning. Working often shifts their concentration from learning towards money-making, which has its detrimental effects later in the future. In addition, the nature of the job has a very high impact on the individuals. For instance, a teenager doing a manual labor job along with studies might get distracted from studies.

Overall, part-time jobs do have their pros and cons for individuals. But, if the nature of the work is taken into consideration, it can do wonders for students. Doing a job for skills can not only put them in a better place for future decisions, it can also broaden their perspectives.


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