IELTS Writing Task Essay # People are moving away from rural areas towards urban areas

IELTS Writing Task Essay

In many countries, people are moving away from rural areas towards urban areas. 

Why do you think that is?

What problems can it cause?

IELTS Writing Task Essay # People are moving away from rural areas towards urban areas. Best IELTS Band7 Coaching in dehradun

Every year, thousands of people leave their countryside houses to settle in urban centers either within the country or across borders. Some people take this step with the intention of improving their lifestyle whereas, others seek migration when they suffer from a natural or man-made disaster. There are various reasons for the occurrence of rural-urban migration and the problems associated with it.  

Most of the people who live in pastoral areas are self-employed in agriculture and farming. With changing climatic conditions, agricultural productivity and farmer’s financial security are greatly affected. The city life not only provides countryside people with better job opportunities but also with superior educational facilities thereby compelling people migrate towards conurbation.

Though rural-urban migration can prove to be advantageous from an individual’s perspective, there are some drawbacks that society has to deal with. With an increased rate of migration taking place, there are negative effects on the agricultural industry of a country because the rural development does not materialize. Having a large population in the cities leads to pressure on the natural resources and the services (health and education) of urban areas. Most importantly, due to the high illiteracy rate in rural areas, people are not suitable for better quality jobs and they end up living in slum areas. 

To sum up, rural-urban migration is increasing at an alarming rate. I think the government should take action like providing better employment and services in rural areas so that the countrymen do not feel the need to continuously drift to urban centers. 

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