Freedom Of Speech # Essay For IELTS

Is freedom of speech necessary in free society? Give your opinions.

Speech is the most powerful tool, mankind can ever get. It were speeches of Hitler that persuaded Germany to fight the second world war, the speeches of Gandhi that ignited the fire amongst Indians to get freedom. And even in modern times, whether it is the win of Barack Obama or Narendra Modi, their speech has a major role to play. I believe a country can truly be considered free if its people have the freedom of speech.

Firstly, freedom of speech gives a sense of attachment with the country. People feel more connected if they have a say in the decisions of the country. Secondly, allowing people to speak their minds helps often helps in reaching better solutions. For example-: in 2006, when Indian government increased the reservations, people across the country came out and demanded that it would be unfair for them. This helped government in realizing their view point. Had there be no freedom of speech, may be the government had regulated it and given rise to a new revolt. Thirdly, a country becomes more democratic if the citizens are free to speak. The main idea of democracy, “a citizen’s nations” gets in acted with freedom of speech.

Although freedom of speech can even turn to a disaster if people are not tolerant. For example-: Often people tend to take someone’s opinion as offend and create issues for the person involved. Freedom of speech comes with great responsibility. The responsibility to accept other peoples’ opinion before they give their own. It comes with an understanding that different people can have different opinions and until they are not harming you, you must allow them to exist.

Overall, I believe freedom of speech marks a free society. The issues involved with it can be fought back only with education and acceptance of diversity.

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