IELTS Essay # The quality of life in the cities is worsening

IELTS Essay, The quality of life in the cities is worsening

In many countries, the quality of life in the large cities is worsening. What possibly can cause this problem? What measures can be taken to resolve it?

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Many cities across the globe are witnessing a decline in the quality of life. This essay will look at the reasons behind this and give some possible measures to overcome the problems of city dwellers.

Firstly, an ever increasing population and migration of people from rural to urban areas have caused congestion. This has led to growth in the numbers of slums in some areas. Slums as we know do not have any basic facilities like hospitals, sanitation, clean drinking water and are a hotbed of diseases. As a result of living in unhygienic conditions, not only people in slums suffer from serious health problems but also aid the cause of spreading flu and other viruses. Secondly, hectic schedule and excessive workload also hamper the quality of life. To explain it further, extended working hours, long commuting time leave urbanites with hardly ever time to involve in recreational activities which are indispensable to ensure the wellbeing of human beings. As a consequence, there has been a sharp rise in the prevalence of psychiatric problems among people in large cities.

To look at the possible measures, the government should develop affordable accommodation facilities to accommodate an ever-growing number of city dwellers. There should be strict restrictions on building of slums and stern action need to taken against offenders. In order to control the influx of rural migrants, the government should focus on the development of the countryside. Gyms and recreational facilities like parks, gardens and yoga centres etc should also be constructed by the government and there should be no charge to use them. Moreover, positives of good health should be highlighted, asking people to follow a balanced life.

To conclude, unfettered growth of population, stressful lifestyle and lack of basic facilities in certain areas have made the life worse in cities. Undoubtedly, if this situation is to be improved, effective measures have to be taken.


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