IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Population Growth

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

A country is experiencing population growth and needs more homes. Should new homes be constructed in the existing cities or should there be new towns built for the purpose? Discuss.

Write at least 250 words.


The world has become a global village and with new opportunities rising we have shrunk to a very small area of possibilities. The population is exponentially growing and with urbanization, more and more people are moving to cities. As a result, the existing cities face living and housing crisis. Most people believe that cities must be developed more and extended to support the growing population. However, others are of the opinion that the government must focus on building new towns.

Constructing new homes in the city is more likely to make the city congested and difficult to handle. A large number of population at one place often means more traffic jams, higher crime rates, and congested public transport. Even more, the resources in the city are always limited. Having a huge number of population accumulated at one place would mean that most people do not have jobs or high-quality education.

On the other hand, developing towns will ensure that the population is well distributed throughout the country and development takes place in all realms of life. More developed towns also help in having a better quality of living and a higher economic growth of the country. For instance, having a town with all amenities is more likely to have several business and other job markets. One big business is often equivalent to 20 small. A developed town allows for the 20 business.

Developing cities will ensure that the people living in the cities have proper living but every area has its own limitations beyond which it cannot grow. However, expanding towns allows the country to have a well-rounded growth leading to a healthier and a richer country.



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